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Andre is Denise's dog. He is a blue Weimaraner who was born in Princeton, West Virginia. A Weimaraner is a German breed developed for companionship among other reasons. Andre was matched and selected based on his temperament, intelligence and high level of sociability. A future goal is to pursue certification as a therapy dog!

Since he was 10 weeks old, Andre has been an active part of Dreamcloud Psychology & Educational Services. Currently, he is 10 months old and very full of energy so he prefers to spend most of his days at doggie daycare. However, Andre loves being at Dreamcloud and interacting with people of all ages. Clients have found his happy and affectionate nature to be an enjoyable presence during their sessions. Andre loves giving "kisses", sharing his toys -- and he "smiles" at visitors!  He is available upon request. 

andre (11 weeks)
andre (5 months)
andre (8 months)
andre_9 months
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