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This makes us happy...

"If you're looking for a warm, genuine and knowledgable psychologist, don't waste time looking around and

schedule with Denise Myers! With her background, she really understands and knows how to connect with 

her clients. Denise is passionate about the services she provides and continuously stays abreast of the latest 

research regarding the assessment of dyslexia and ADHD. I'm a local physician and have worked with Denise for the

last 4-5 years. My office will continue referring people to her knowing that she will take exceptional care of them!"

- Primary Care Physician/Pediatrician in Louisville, KY


"Denise - Gary and I would like to thank you for all the energy you put into teaching Alexandra. We know

she would not be doing as well as she is if it hadn't been for you and we're very grateful and very proud of her."

- Parent of 5th grader who completed dyslexia therapy

"Miss Denise,  Thank you! Don't tell this to anyone but you're my favorite!

Thank you for all that you did for me!!"

- 5th grade student


"Denise is a gifted psychologist and dyslexia expert. She understands the nuances of how children learn

and she is able to draw upon her many years of experience to address and treat complicated cases. She

is flexible and passionate about using a strengths-based approach that brings ease to the testing and

tutoring process. Denise is the first provider I refer to when my patients need comprehensive

psychoeducational assessment, educational consultation, or IEP support."

 - Dr. Leslie Jenkins, PhD, NCSP, HSPP


"I am so thankful for Dreamcloud Psychology! My dyslexic kiddo loves to read all the time.

Thank you so much to her teachers who got her here!"

- Parent of 4th grade student


"I have been bringing my daughter to see Helen for over a year now for dyslexia tutoring and it has

consistently been a great experience.  She has given my daughter a lot of useful tools and they've

developed a great relationship. And she's finally gaining confidence in her reading and spelling.

Denise has been a wonderful resource as well. I highly recommend her!"

- Parent of 6th grade dyslexic student


 "I love working with Denise. She is kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. She is nurturing but can also be

firm. Denise is also collaborative and non-judgmental which makes it very easy to work with her. Our family

has benefited immensely from working with her.  I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for choosing

Denise Myers if you need an psychological evaluation and/or therapy!"

- Parent


"Denise did an excellent job of finding the problem that my daughter is having.  We are now working on the next steps to help her with her issues.  I am beyond excited - and relieved - to finally have a diagnosis.  Thank you so much for having this type of testing available.   It helps us as parents, in so many ways, to know that we can help our children thrive by knowing the correct diagnosis and the treatments that are available."

- Parent of 3rd grade child


"Words can not truly express the appreciation we have for Denise & Helen and what they are doing for our son!

They are truly walking side by side with us in this journey! Look no further, Dreamcloud Psychology is the place

to be for anyone with a learning difference! From diagnosis to our continued weekly educational therapy, we

could not be happier! His future is beyond bright..."

- Parent of 5th grader


"Ms. Myers - I wanted to let you know that we met with Emma's school and they were extremely

impressed with your evaluation report. Our assistant principal said it was the most thorough one she has

ever seen in all her many years. Everyone was extremely receptive to your recommendations and have

been excited to do all they can to help her succeed in the classroom."

- Parent of 9th grade student


"Denise is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. She made the process of beginning

therapy for the first time so welcoming and accepting."

- Adult client

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